Scarecrow Scramble Bag Stuffing 

Monday October 11th 7pm-8pm

Rooms MP1 & 2 at the Recreation Center

Join us as we pack race bags for the runners of the upcoming Scarecrow Scramble! Each racer gets a bag with race information, coupons, and other fun materials packed by LTWC. We'll also be making posters to cheer the runners on along the course. 

If you have any questions or would like to RSVP, please contact Dawn at dyackley@lisleparkdistrict.org. 

Thank you and hope to see you there! 


Sleep out Saturday 

Saturday November 6th


Lisle Community Park

On Saturday, November 9th Lisle Teens with Character will be participating in Sleep Out Saturday. Sleep Out Saturday is an event held through Bridge Communities, an organization that helps homeless families and individuals throughout DuPage County. That Saturday we will be sleeping overnight, outside at Lisle Community Park to experience what it is like being homeless. Before this event everyone must raise a minimum of $35 to sleepover but more is always better! You also have to be a registered member of LTWC and have attended two LTWC event. An email of supplies will be sent out to everyone who has RSVP'D for the event.


To RSVP or have any questions please email

Audrey apcatuara@gmail.com or Gianna cmch0531@gmail.com



Scarecrow Scramble

Saturday October 16th 4-9pm

Lisle High School/Community Park

Hey teens! The annual Scarecrow Scramble 5k is coming up on Saturday, October 16th from 4-9pm. During this, we will be cheering the runners on, directing them along the course, and helping with luminaries. Teens will meet at the Lisle Senior High School to check in. No need to wear your Lisle Teens shirt because volunteers will be provided with one. Please bring a flashlight if you have one! If you would like to RSVP or have any questions, please contact Amanda at missyhams10@gmail.com



Feel free to volunteer using the ideas below, or come up with your own! 

Letter Writing/ Card Writing

There are many options for organizations/causes to write letters to. If you'd like to write a letter or make a card, please drop it off at the park district and we''ll be sure to send it out for you. Whether it's one letter or a dozen, any would be greatly appreciated! Write inspirational quotes, tell them about your day, send them a story, etc. It's all up to you! 


Write letters or make cards for our troops to thank them for their service. These brave people give up so much to keep us safe. Let's show them we appreciate their sacrifice. These letters and cards will be given to Chaplain Heroes to distribute to troops around the world. 

Senior Citizens 

Many senior citizens have become isolated due to the health crisis. This is an incredibly lonely time for many, so let's cheer them up and let them know we are thinking of them. These cards and letters will be sent to a local extended care facility. 

Sole Hope

Write letters or make cards for people in Uganda receiving our Sole Hope donations! Many people in Uganda go without shoes and that leads to some painful health conditions. The recipients of our shoe patterns also love hearing from the people that send them! These letters and cards with be sent with our patterns donation to Uganda. 

Litter Pick-Up 

Though the weather has gotten colder, it's still nice to get outside and get some fresh air. If you go on a walk and want to help the environment, bring a trash bag and a pair of gloves with you. Pick up any trash you find and throw it away in a garbage can when you're back. Any little bit helps! Be sure to recycle if you can and stay safe! 

Fall/Winter Cleaning 

It's always a good time to clean up around the house. Spring cleaning doesn't have to stay in spring! Pick a small part of your house and sort through it. If you find articles of clothing, housewares, school supplies, or other items that you don't need but someone else could use, put it to the side. Ask your parents to donate the items to people in need. Helpful tip: Give the items to a organization like your local Food Bank, Homeless Shelter, or Animal Shelter. Many places are looking for specific items that will be very gracious for your donation!

Other ongoing projects

Sole Hope


Hello Lisle Teens! We have a special continuing service event that makes use of old jeans and other denim. If you'd like to donate, please bring any of these items to any LTWC events or drop them off at the park district. Thank you!


Here is a link to Sole Hope's website